Sri “Vayuputra Hanuman, Shakti Yagnam” and 
22st consecutive Koti Kum Kum Archana
begins on April 12, 2024.
We invite you to join with your Friends and Family in the First ever “Vayuputra Hanuman, Shakti Yagnam” and our 22ND Consecutive Koti Kum Kum Archana and make it a HUGE Success. It begins on Friday, April 12th (First Sahasranama Archana at 7PM) and concludes on Monday, May 27, 2024. Join us on all 45 days and be blessed!!
Participate in Koti Kum Kum Archana and make it a huge success.
Join us and perform just ONE archana on any of the forty five days. (Over 200 rounds have been scheduled), Carry ONE kalasam and perform abhishekam (2500 Kalasams have been planned), Participate with us in ANNADANAM. That’s it. It’s FREE.
Sponsor Generously !!
Help us meet the extra expenses. We need 100+ Grand Sponsors ($1001, payable in installments) . Grand Sponsors will receive a 3 gm Silver pendant that has been worshipped during this yagnam. Their names will be placed near HER feet during the yagnam.
Grand Sponsor: $1001
Sponsor: $501
Weekend Sponsor: $251
One Day Sponsor: $101
Weekday Annadanam: $101
Weekend Annadanam: $251
Every day we will read the names of the sponsors of Annadanam for the day and our priests will give the blessing: ANNADATA SUKHI BHAVA ! SUKHI BHAVA , SUKHI BHAVA , ANNADATA SUKHI BHAVA !!  
Annadanam is the social event of the Yagnam! Join us every day!!
          Sri “Vayuputra Hanuman”, Shakti Yagnam and  
Koti Kum Kum Archana – Program 
Opening Day, Friday, April 12, 2024 
   9:00am: Anujne Swastivachanam, Punyavaha Vachanam, Sri. Maha Ganapati Pooja 
9:30am: Deeksha Vastra pradanam, Yagasala pravesam
10:00am: Sri. Ganapati Homam 
10:30am: Sri. Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Abhishekam
12:00noon: Arti
5:00pm: Ankurarpanam
5:30pm: Shobha Yatra   
 6:30pm: Raksha Bhandan
6:45pm: Maha sankalpam 
7:00pm: PRATHAMA (First) Archana  
Lakshmi Sahasranama archana and DEEPA POOJA 
8:00pm: Arti , Prasad, Annadanam 
Week Day Program
(From April 15 to May 26, 2024
7:30am: Suprabhatam 
  8:00am: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM – Devi Sahasranama Archana and tarpanam  (6 rounds)
(8am, 8:30am, 10am, 10:30am, 11:15am)
8:30am:  Sri. HANUMAN and Devi Homam (Purnahuti 9:30am)
 12:01pm Arti, Mantrapushpam 
12:30pm  Annadanam 
5:00pm: HANUMAN, SHAKTI YAGNAM  – Devi Sahasranama Archana 
5:30pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM  – Devi Sahasranama Archana (If no conflict)
6:00pm: Nitya Devata Pooja ,Satsang 
6:15pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM  – Suvasini pooja    
6:45pm: “KANAKA DHARA” Stotra  parayanam    
6:55pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM – Devi Nitya pooja, Sahasranama archana 
8:00pm Arti,  Annadanam 
Saturday and Sunday program 
7:30am: Suprabhatam
  8:00am: HANUMAN, SHAKTI YAGNAM – Devi  Sahasranama Archana (2 rounds)
(8:00am and 8:30am)
8:30am:  HANUMAN  homam and Devi Homam (Purnahuti 9:30am)
9:30 am: Kalasa Pooja 
Saturday 9:45am: HANUMAN, SHAKTI YAGNAM, Balaji Abhishekam
Sunday 9:45am: HANUMAN, SHAKTI YAGNAM, Maha Lakshmi 501 Kalasa Abhishekam
11:15am: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM – Devi Sahasranama Archana 
12:00pm: Arti, Mantrapushpam, Annadanam 
2:00pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM – Devi Sahasranama Archana (2 rounds) (2:00pm, 2:30pm)  
3:00pm: Cultural program 
5:00pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM – DEVI Sahasranama Archana 
5:30pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM – DEVI Sahasranama Archana 
6:00pm: Nitya Devata Pooja ,Satsang 
6:15pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM  – Suvasini pooja 
6:45pm: “KANAKA DHARA” STOTRA Parayanam      
6:55pm: HANUMAN,SHAKTI YAGNAM- DEVI Sahasranama Archana
 – with Gana, Nritya Samarpanam 
8:00pm Arti, Annadanam 
Gana Samarpanam: Every day at 6:55pmand 7:45pm 
 Nritya Samarpanam: Fri,Sat,Sun days at 7:45pm 
Sponsor Generously!
To sponsor any seva please call temple at 302-235-7020
or reply to this email.