Our priests are well known in the field of astrology and expert in the use of LEOGOLD software for astrological calculations, predictions and interpretations.

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Obtain these with the blessings of Sri. Maha Lakshmi 
Muhurt for any occasion:
House warming, business ventures, travel, education, etc.Horoscope calculations:
Jataka Chakram, Kundali, Teva, Rashi Chakra, Janma Patrika, etc.Horoscope Predictions:
Nakshtra Phal, Teva Phal, Kundali Phal,Varsha-Phal:
Varsha Kundali, Varsha Patrika


Horoscope matching:
Kundali Milan, Milan Phal, Lal Kitab patrika

Personalized service, By appointment only
Calculations are carefully prepared taking into account your place of birth and time.
Your report will be personalized by region and language.


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