The unique Vidwan program ( gaana samarpanam) of the Mahalskhmi Devasthanam, Hindu temple, DE was the brainchild of our President and Chairman, Mr. Patibanda Sarma. This program took shape 8 years ago and has reached its present form due to the efforts of the Temple cultural committee and the Elite Priest Team and boasts of true community involvement.

Many singers with a passion for music joined together to brainstorm and set melodious tunes for the various shlokas decided by the priest team. These include various dhyanam shlokas on all deities, the group song which is sung by the whole community together in unison during the pooja and many arthi songs, sahasranamam recordings etc. These mellifluous tunes are learnt and sung by all the vidwans during the pooja. Vidwans are assigned singers every year for each day of the yagnam and for other auspicious religious occasions. These standardized shlokas serve as an embellishment to the poojas, abhishekams, special events etc. performed at the temple. The cultural committee has compiled and distributed CD’s of all shlokas and songs every year before the yagnam for the past 8 years!

We sincerely thank all our Vidwans and elite team for having put in time and effort to keep this program going. We encourage all singers(adults and youngsters) and devotees to learn all the tunes which are now available on the website and come and offer their prayers through gaana samarpanam at the temple.

We also have a special “Nritya Samarpanam” program by dancers during all yagnams and special festive and religious events at the temple and welcome participation by all.

For further details about both programs and for participation, please contact the temple office at 302-235-7020

The following tracks have been recorded so far in the vidwan program: