Hindu Temple of DE is in agreement with the Sahara Funeral Services overall document.  In addition to what is suggested and required in the document, the temple requires additional information so that the temple and priests can completely support the Hindu funeral services.

Sahara Pre Funeral Checklist and Planning:
Additional personal information required by the Hindu Temple to conduct Hindu last rites
1. Caste, region from India –   Priest should be given this information for the service/last rites.
2. Gotra, Janma nakshtra
3. Names of three generations of ancestors

There are recommendations in the Sahara document that are difficult or almost impossible in the US like transferring the body to a grass mat; or for the temple to send a priest to a death bed.  Time and uncertainty are some factors and the family is requested to keep VishnuSahasranamam, Ramdhun, Gita recitation and other soothing bhajans easily available during these difficult times.

A link for
Vishnusahasranamam is
Bhagavad Gita Recitations:
Gayatri Mantra:

The grieving family need NOT worry about all the items required for the last rites.  Temple priest CAN bring all the items required for the last rites including a small piece of gold (missing in the Sahara list).  Tulasi leaves also can be provided by temple when available.   Please inform the priest who will performing the last rites if you need the temple to provide all the items.

Temple encourages everyone men, women, children to attend, grieve and mourn and bid farewell and be present at the cremation.

Funeral etiquette is based on the family and region so please follow the family/regional dress code.  Normally everyone removes shoes prior entering the viewing area, offer flowers and consoles family as and when directed by the priest or family member.  In the Northern region of India everyone wears white to the funeral.  In the southern region everyone wearing white is not followed.

Link for Sahara document for overall information on Funeral services:

Funeral Home Information for Sahara