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DIWALI DHAMAAKA 2022 – Mega Cultural Entertainment ShowSaturday, October 29, 2022$8 per person

VENUE: The wedding hall auditorium at the Hindu temple, Delaware


TICKETS: Tickets are $8 each for everyone (includes participants and spectators) IF PURCHASED IN ADVANCE. Tickets will cost $10 if purchased on the day of the program at the venue. EVERYONE in the hall as well as balcony (participants and spectators) should have a wristband ticket. This is the entrance/participation fee only. Food will be available for purchase separately. Checks/cash/credit card is acceptable. Checks are payable to HTA, DE.

FOOD & SNACKS:  Temple will make necessary food arrangements for participants and their guests during and after the program. It will be available for purchase separately.

STAGE REHEARSAL:  We will have a stage rehearsal before the program for all groups in the wedding hall auditorium. Dates and sign up will be announced shortly. Please bring your CDs or Flash drive or song downloaded on laptop or mobile device for the stage rehearsal, as well as inform parents to buy their tickets in advance.  

PARKING: The program will be starting at 1 pm sharp. Choreographers are responsible to inform parents – they must plan for ample and sufficient time for parking and arriving at the temple. Our temple parking lot gets full early and once that happens, further parking will be in the satellite parking lots and shuttle buses will transport you to the temple. Parents can drop off passengers and park in the lots and come by shuttles which will be running on a continuous basis. No one is allowed to walk on Yorklyn Road from the satellite parking lots to the temple- please use bus transport only. Please note that participants and parents are required to be patient and cooperative and plan sufficient time well in advance.