Millions get married every year – only a fortunate few are blessed with an opportunity to get married in the presence of Sri. Maha Lakshmi!For weddings conducted in temples, it is traditional for bride and groom to go for darshan and seek HER blessings right after the ceremony. What more can a bride and groom ask, than such a blissful experience?

It could be your good fortune to be married in the presence of Sri. Vijaya Ganapati, Adityadi Navagraha, Ram Parivar, Uma Maheswara, Balaji, Radha-Krishna and SRI. MAHA LAKSHMI.

The Hindu Temple, Mahalakshmi Devasthanam, DE now offers a grand, state of the art multipurpose auditorium and wedding hall to cater to all your social, religious and cultural needs. This grand auditorium with a seating capacity of 400+ people is equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems and has a grand and elegant stage! Contact us to arrange parties, weddings, religious functions, dance arangetrams, cultural shows or any other special social events. The grand auditorium and wedding hall of the Mahalakshmi Devasthanam, Hindu Temple, Delaware, was inaugurated in August 2007.

Versatility complements aesthetic charm in this grand auditorium and wedding hall. Great location, flexible multipurpose space, friendly staff and affordable rates are making it a popular destination to host weddings, performances and cultural events galore!

Features of the wedding hall

  • A spacious, bright and welcoming grand entrance lobby where guests can be received in style.
  • An elegant hall that seats 400+ guests.
  • A huge stage with spacious dressing rooms.
  • A mezzanine floor with balcony overlooking the stage.
  • A large warm up kitchen.
  • Spacious food storage and preparation areas with coolers, food warmers etc.
  • 400 chairs, 35 round tables.
  • State of the art sound system and video and projector system

We also offer the following wedding services

  • An elite team of priests that can perform wedding in any style.
  • Garlands, pooja samagri, mangalyam, upaveetham, silk saris, dhotis are also available.
  • Food services are also available at the temple.

Hall rental

There are a few expectations from the users. A contract detailing all these will have to signed by the user at the time of booking. Contact us at 302-235-7020 to schedule a tour and book your event today!!


  • SAFETY OF ALL AND SANCTITY OF TEMPLE MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES 1. ALL LAMPS MUST BE COVERED AT ALL TIMES. (NO OPEN FLAMES) 2. NO MEAT, NO FISH, NO EGGS, NO ALCOHOL – NO MEAT, NO FISH, NO EGGS, NO ALCOHOL –VIOLATORS WILL BE THROWN OUT. VIOLATORS WILL BE THROWN OUT. VIOLATORS WILL BE THROWN OUT. 3. NO SMOKING in the entire premises NO SMOKING in the entire premises 4. OBSERVE ALL POSTED SIGNS OBSERVE ALL POSTED SIGNS SERVE ALL POSTED SIGNS 5. PLEASE INFORM ALL YOUR GUESTS RULES ABOUT OUR SANCTITY. Rules for Using the Wedding hall (auditorium) 6. All trash bags FROM trash cans should be put in the trash dumpster. 7. Please use the Kitchen only for warming food. 8. Please bring your own supplies for the party (plates, spoons etc) 9. Please maintain reasonable sound levels. 10. Night functions must end by 10:30pm (Permission needed beyond this time) 11. Food caterer, mandapam vendor, etc should be informed of our rules and it is your responsibility that they follow them. 12. Use of masking tape, push pins etc on the walls and painted surfaces is prohibited. 13. Air conditioning / Heating will be turned on 1 hr before the event only. 14. Please read complete “instructions and rules” and follow them 15. Please inform us in advance about caterer, decorator etc and get our approval 16. CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN. Cleaning tools and supplies are in the janitor’s closet. Use them carefully and return them to proper locations 17. Handle tables and chairs carefully. LIFT them instead of DRAGGING!! 18. Decorate and enjoy. BUT make sure all decorations are taken down before you leave – including such things as tape marks etc. 19. Stack chairs by color, 7 per stack and set them neatly by the wall. Use the dolly 20. Disconnect mics and other instruments and put them away in their places. 21. You should have permission to sell food or other items. 22. ABSOLUTELY NO PYROTECHNICS 23. All decorations INCLUDING balloons should be taken down after the event 24. Rangolis can only be made on plastic sheets. 25. Stage curtain, screen, etc should be operated carefully. Please ask if you need help. 26. Help us to help you!!