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Temple can provide delicious food for your functions. We can prepare Pulihora (Tamarind Rice), Yogurt Rice, Veg. Pulav, Kara Pongal, Chakkara Pongal, Idli sambar, Wada Sambar, Upma, Veg. Curry, Laddu and Badushai. Please call Temple for further information and your order.

During the weekends, Temple kitchen is open and serves Idli, Wada, Upma, Tamarind Rice, Yogurt Rice and limited number of Dosas. Please visit the kitchen when you are at the temple.

Temple Kitchen. Call (302)-235-7020 for ordering

ItemSmall Tray($)Big Tray ($)
Bisebale Bath$35 $70
Pulihora/Lemon Rice$35 $65
Yogurt Rice$35 $65
Veg Pulav$40 $75
Wada for 50$50
Idly for 50$50
Laddu for 50 (small)$50
Badusha for 50$50
Mysore Pak for 50$50
Mysore Bonda for 50$50
Mixture$35 $70
Vegetables (potato, Capsicum, Cabbage)$35 $70
Egg Plant, Cauliflower$45$90