Delaware Hindu Temple Elite Team

Pt. Narayana K. Bhattar

Hails from Tamil Nadu.
(English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada)
Senior Resident Priest since 2001.
In-charge of Maha Lakshmi Sannidhi,
jewelry and saris.

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Pt. Nagaraj R. Bhattarr

Hails from Karnataka. Speaks Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. Resident Priest since 2013. In charge of Balaji Sannidhi and Satya Narayana.

Pt. Siva Kameswar Rao Vayuvegular

Hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Speaks Telugu, Hindi and English. Resident Priest since 2015. In charge of Siva and Ganesha Sannidhi. He is a Vedic Scholar.

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Mr. Gowri Shankar

Hails from Tamil Nadu.
Resident priest assistant since 2007.
(English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu)
In-charge of all Temple Facilities.
He is the original Shilpi for the Temple
construction in 2001.

Pt. SivaSri Karthik Ganesan Gurukkal

Hails from Mayavaram, Tamilnadu. Speaks Tamil, Hindi and Telugu.

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Pt. Balchandra Bhat

Pandit Balchandra Bhat, a regular visiting priest of Delaware Hindu Temple, he has been coming each year for past nine years. He is a respected scholar and teacher of Vedas
and a Rigveda Ghanapaati.
Known as ‘Guruji’ to many, he has established his own
Vedic school at Udupi, Karnataka. He also teaches Vedas online ( ).

Mukundan Parthasarathy

Newly joined Delaware Hindu Temple on August 15, 2012 as the temple Chef and a priest assistant.
He hails from Tamil Nadu. Previously he was at the Balaji Temple in Gauhati, Assam, for seven years. .

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